We provide information security solutions for security critical customers. Our customer base includes authorities and defence administration as well as financial, telecom and energy sectors. See below for examples of solutions we have implemented. If you want more information on our references, please contact us.


  • Large international solution provider: CA service for certificate production of security critical network devices
  • National certificate trust center: PKI solution delivery with professional services and maintenance
  • Ministry level organisation: PKI consulting and training
  • Nationwide authority: Comprehensive PKI solution with maintenance
  • Large financial enterprise: Extensive CA service
  • Global defence technology enterprise: Key management solution for TETRA networks
  • Global telecom solution provider: Insta CA product as a part of a security solution for teleoperators


  • State administration service organisation: User identification as a service
  • Nationwide service organisation: Identity management solution as a service
  • Large financial organisation: User identification solution as a service
  • Nationwide service organisation: Single Sign-On solution as a service
  • Large international research project: Identity and access management solution development and integration
  • Security critical multi-industry enterprise: Identity management solution

Network Security

  • Large ICT service provider: Connecting service provider’s sites with Insta’s VPN solution

  • Security critical authority: VPN solution for a large CONFIDENTIAL (III) level network
  • Nationwide service organisation: Secure networking solution as a service
  • State administration service organisation: Secure remote access solution as a service
  • Security critical multi-industry enterprise: Secure networking solution as a service
  • State administration organisation: A large VPN network as a service

Log Management & SIEM

  • Governmental agency: Deployment & maintenance of an extensive log management solution

  • Financial administration solution provider: Log management/SIEM solution delivery

  • Security critical national authority: Deployment of a log management/SIEM solution

  • Large multi-industry company: Deployment & maintenance of a log management solution
  • Large authority organisation: Log management solution as part of an overall system delivery
  • Security critical authority: SIEM product evaluation and implementation of a SIEM environment
  • State administration organisation: Log management as a service

Security Consulting & Professional Services

  • Security critical multi-industry company: Security planning based on KATAKRI
  • Global defence technology company: Common Criteria based threat and risk analysis and security planning
  • Global telecommunications enterprise: Development of security-critical software to a globally used system
  • Security critical nationwide authority: Techology evaluation and product comparison of an IDS solution
  • Energy industry company: Security assessment of a security architecture
  • Global technology provider: Software developmet of a globally used information security system