Solving Your Information Security Challenges

We build information systems for demanding environments where information security has to be taken into account on all levels. We offer products, services and consulting that form the cornerstones of information security.

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PKI Solutions

The trust relationships provided by PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) enable secure communication in organisations and effective co-operation with partners. Our PKI solutions use digital certificates to enable applications such as secure email and networking or web service authentication. Read more »

Insta Certifier CA Product

Insta Certifier is a CA product for managing digital certificates, tursted by security-critical organisations around the world. Read more »

CA Services

CA services are deployment, operation and maintenance services for a PKI system’s core components, the Certificate Authority (CA) and Registration Authority (RA). Read more »

PKI Consultation

Insta provides PKI consultation services related to PKI policies and requirements, PKI based applications and training. Read more »

TETRA Key Distribution Solutions

Demonstrating our expertise in the PKI field, we provide unique key distribution solutions to high security TETRA networks. Read more »

Thales Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

Thales Hardware Security Modules enable ultimate key protection in critical systems, such as PKI. Read more »

Network Security Solutions

Our network security solutions protect critical network-connected assets and enable secure transfer of data across organisations' networks. Read more »

Data diodes

Data diodes enable secure and effective transfer of data across security domains and protect critical industrial processes from cyber threats. Read more »

Insta SafeLink VPN Product

Insta SafeLink provides an unrivalled combination of performance and security (up to level III, CONFIDENTIAL). Read more »

VPN Services

Our VPN services provide an easy way to protect security critical network connections with up to CONFIDENTIAL (III) information. Read more »

IAM Solutions

Our IAM (Identity and Access Management) solutions streamline user and access related processes, providing improved information security and productivity as well as easy access for the employees. Read more »

Identity Management

Identity Management (IDM) provides a centralised management of user accounts, saving time and effort to be used in productive work instead of administration. Read more »

Access Management

Access Management solutions are a way to provide employees and partners a centralised and secure passage to all the applications they need. Read more »

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) provides tools for secure management of multiple user accounts. Only one login is needed to access all necessary applications and web services. Read more »

Superuser Privilege Management

Superuser Privilege Management limits the power of administrators, minimising the risk of abuse and unintentional accidents. Read more »

Log Management & SIEM Solutions

Our strong experience and commitment to build industry-leading expertise in Log Management & SIEM ensures successful deployments. Read more »

Log Management & SIEM at Insta

Log Management and SIEM are invaluable tools for maintaining an up-to-date view of an organisation's information security status. Read more »

Security Consulting & Professional Services

Our Security Consulting & Professional Services ensure that systems and networks meet the security level required by the customer. Our certified experts are specialists in designing and building systems that comply with information security policies and requirements, such as KATAKRI and Common Criteria. Read more »

Information Security Management

Information Security Management ensures optimal risk based investment decisions on all layers of information security. Read more »

System & Security Architecture Design

System & Security Architecture Design ensures that information security aspects are taken into account right from the beginning in system and software design. Read more »

Security Critical Software Development

We provide software development services for security critical customers. We are specialised in applications using PKI and digital certificates. Read more »

Secure System Design and Deployment

Our Secure System Design and Deployment services cover all the phases needed for successful network and system development projects, from planning to deployment. Read more »

Information Security Assessment

The purpose of Information Security Assessment is to ensure that investments in information security really work and to demonstrate this to customers and partners. Read more »