TETRA Key Distribution Solutions

Enabling security in TETRA networks

TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) is a mobile network standard defined by the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standardisation Institute). It is used worldwide by public authorities and security critical organisations such as airports and subways.

A key component in the security of a TETRA network is the mobile terminal authentication keys. Particularly critical is the controlled transfer of the keys from the operator to the TETRA base stations.

Insta has extensive experience in providing PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) based AKD (Authentication Key Distribution) solutions for TETRA networks. Insta's unique solutions were the first in the field to fulfill all requirements of TETRA standards and recommendations.

Insta actively participates in the development of TETRA network security features and works in close co-operation with TETRA network and terminal manufacturers.