PKI Consultation

PKI policy consultation

Insta offers assistance in Certificate Policy (CP) and Certificate Practice Statement (CPS) preparation. The work often contains consultation, writing or reviewing CP/CPS documents and mapping technical requirements set by the applications.

PKI deployment

Insta provides full-scale PKI deployment tailored to meet the customer's needs. The deployment starts by gathering and analysing requirements jointly with the customer and planning the system. After this, the hardware and software is purchased, configured and tested in a test environment at Insta premises. Finally, the environment is installed and tested at the customer premises.

PKI application consultation

We provide consultation on PKI-based applications to take full advantage of the PKI-system. Insta is a specialist in applications such as:

  • Authentication of users and devices
  • Smart card login
  • Server identification
  • Electronically signed and encrypted email
  • Protection of network connections (VPN)

Insta provides expertise for the entire life cycle of applications, including requirement analysis, design, deployment and maintenance.

PKI training

Insta provides extensive PKI training, including:

  • PKI theory
  • PKI basics
  • X.509 certificates
  • Advanced PKI topics
  • PKI software
  • Introduction and product features
  • Deployment
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Administration
  • PKI-based applications

Training can also be tailored to customer needs. Training can be carried out at Insta or at customer premises.