Secure System Design and Deployment

Trial and error – an expensive method in information system development

Whether setting up a new security critical information system or improving an existing one, your organisation needs to ensure an optimal result. This means that the system complies with the security and other requirements, is built with optimal products, has a long life cycle and as low cost as possible. Finding and implementing the optimal solution is not a piece of cake. And certainly you want to do it only once.

Experience and independence guarantee an optimal result

Our Secure System Design and Deployment services cover all the phases needed for successful network and system development projects:

  • Technical requirements compliance planning
  • Information security appliance and software evaluation and testing
  • Secure network and system planning, deployment and integration

Being vendor independent, Insta is able to evaluate and compare products from any provider and recommend the optimal ones. Having a broad experience of different security appliances and software, we have a solid background for carrying out the planning and deployment efficiently.