Security Consulting & Professional Services

Putting pieces together

Ensuring the security of information, being the most important business asset, is not an easy task to do. All pieces need to be assembled whilst taking into account technical, economical and legal aspects. Because of its complexity and numerous stakeholders, information security requires a long experience and deep knowledge in the area. In many cases it is not practical to build this kind of expertise within the organisation. Furthermore, the information security threat landscape is continuously changing and constant follow-up is needed in order to stay abreast of threats.

From risk analysis to information security assessments

Our offering in information security consulting covers all necessary areas from risk analysis to information security assessments. Our approach is to work in close cooperation with the customer, meaning that customer expertise and depth of understanding in the field also increases. We use standardised, widely accepted methods and models, tailored to each customer’s needs.

We have a long experience in assisting organisations in defining, building and maintaining critical systems where strong and reliable information security is crucial, including governmental bodies and the Finnish Defence Forces. We have vast knowledge of governmental information security resolutions and guidelines. Insta has been chosen by Hansel, the central procurement unit of the Finnish Government, as a preferred supplier for information security consulting.