IAM Solutions

Productivity or security?

Ensuring that the right people have easy access to the right information when needed is essential to the success of an organisation. In contrast, misusing the information, intentionally or not, threatens the value of the organisation.

Go for both!

We offer IAM (Identity and Access Management) solutions that improve both information security level and productivity, as well as help you tune the balance between them:

  • Identity Management
  • Access Management
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Superuser Privilege Management

Insta is a vendor independent IAM solution provider. Our solutions are based on IAM products from leading vendors.

Choose the service model that best suits your organisation

Insta provides IAM solutions by connecting an IAM system running the services to customer information systems such as email servers, network file systems, business applications and user directories.

We provide three service models with varying service scopes related to system hosting, technical maintenance as well as for administrating the content (e.g. user data) of the IAM system.

The Full Service Model is the easiest one, where Insta hosts and maintains the system as well as administrates the service content according to customer requests.

In the Shared Service Model, Insta takes care of technical maintenance while the customer (or a partner) administrates the service content. The IAM system hosting can be provided either by Insta or by the Customer (or a partner).

In the System Delivery Model Insta designs, delivers and deploys the system. The customer (or a partner) hosts and maintains the system as well as administrates the service content.