PKI Solutions

Trust enables secure and effective co-operation

With organisations becoming more and more dependent on partners and co-operation, being able to trust the identity of the other party becomes essential. The confidentiality and integrity of the data must also be guaranteed.

This is enabled by PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), a system for creation, storage, and distribution of digital certificates. Digital certificates are data structures containing encryption and authentication keys. Certificates are issued by a trusted party, CA (Certification Authority), verifying that the keys belong to a certain entity, such as a person or a computer. Certificates are used to protect data transmission and to provide proof of the identity of another entity.

The flexibility of our CA solution, Insta Certifier, allows us to provide solutions for virtually any need, from single certificates to a full-scale PKI infrastructure. We offer several hosting alternatives, from a full service model to system delivery. Each solution is complemented by Insta service and support to guarantee a trouble-free lifetime for the solution.